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  • IZT R4000Digital Wideband Receiver and Recorder

    The digital wideband receiver IZT R4000 delivers an immensely powerful digitizer, wideband receiver and signal collection system for COMINT and ELINT systems, wideband satellite surveillance and continuous broadband radio signal recording with real-time signal analyzer and spectrum monitoring.

  • IZT R3000 / R3200Digital Wideband Receiver

    The IZT R3000 family is particularly suitable for signal search and analysis, spectrum monitoring in line with ITU recommendations and communication intelligence. It allows to analyze and demodulate modern digital wideband signals as well as to track or intercept frequency agile systems over a wide range of bandwidths.

  • IZT R3301Portable Monitoring Receiver and RF Recorder

    The IZT R3301 is a portable receiver with an integrated server for data recording. The receiver is optimized for recording of RF signals in frequently changing environments.

  • IZT R3410 / R3411Ruggedized Monitoring Receiver and RF Recorder

    The compact variant of the sucessfull R3000 series combines a limited weight of under 7 kg with a fanless design suited for harsh environments while maintaining the excellent HF performance and a real-time bandwidth of 24 MHz.

  • IZT R5506Remote Direction Finding Sensor

    The mobile sensor IZT R5506 samples signals synchronously from all antenna elements in a specific frequency band eliminating the need for additional RF switches. This feature secures short detection times and simultaneous monitoring of one or more channels with arbitrary center frequencies and bandwidths.