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  • IZT S1000 & S1010Multi-Channel Signal Generator

    IZT S1000 and IZT S1010 (model with extended memory) are multi-channel signal generators for the testing of I/Q data, Sirius, XM, HD Radio, AM, FM, DAB/+, DVB-T and DRM/+ radio receivers in the car industry, multimedia equipment, GNSS positioning services and receivers, COMINT/SIGINT systems or for the RF environment simulation and operator training.

  • IZT S800ESignal Source for Sirius and XM

    The IZT S800E is a cost efficient test signal source for the two SDARS systems Sirius and XM. Its functionality is specifically tailored to the needs of manufacturers of tuner modules and application software development.

  • IZT S2000Signal Generator for Sirius, XM, DVB-T/H

    The IZT S2000 is a versatile high-performance signal source for developers and manufacturers of multimedia receivers. It supports Sirius Satellite Radio, XM Satellite Radio, DVB-T/H and other standards.

  • IZT DAB Multiplexer"IZT DAB Content Server" - Digital Radio Multiplexer System

    The IZT DAB ContentServer is a professional system for encoding and multiplexing audio inputs, supplementary information and service data into a common data stream for Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) - including DAB Classic, DAB+ and DMB.

    IZT DAB Multiplexer