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  • IZT C3040Satellite Link Emulator
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    The satellite link emulator IZT C3040 is the successor of the IZT DCS3020. It offers a higher instantaneous bandwidth of 100 MHz, more flexibility in terms of RF modules and an enhanced feature set.

    The available features of the IZT C3040 channel simulator were grouped into uplink, payload and downlink effects. Some features are available twice to reproduce a realistic transmission chain.

    Key features

    Effects of the uplink include:

    • Delay and delay change over time
    • Doppler simulation
    • Effects of the ionosphere
    • Interference by other signals

    Within the payload of the satellite the following effects are introduced:

    • IMUX filtering
    • Nonlinearity (AM/AM and AM/PM) caused by the amplifier
    • Phase noise
    • OMUX filtering

    On the downlink, from the satellite to the terminal the signal then changes by:

    • Effects of the ionosphere
    • Large and small scale fading
    • Interference by other signals
    • Thermal noise

    • Input and output frequency up to 3 GHz
    • Output frequency up to 3 GHz
    • Instantaneous bandwidth of 100 MHz
    • Simulation of uplink, payload and downlink
    • Synchronization of multiple IZT C3040 possible